Upgradation of ULBs The Karnataka Municipal Corporations (Ward Committee) Rules   

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Creation and improvement of economically vibrant, efficient and sustainable basic infrastructure for better quality of life inclusive of all urban habitats in Karntaka.

OUR MISSION                                                                                                                              

To forster, equip, and empower the governing satutory bodies with required capacities, human resources, policies, funds, legislative and administrative tools for enabling them to improve quality of life of the citisens.

To roll out policies and schemes aiming for betterment and improvement of urban poor, women, unemployed or under employed yhouths and general citizens.

To establish effective monitoring and review systems in cities and towns, to enhance ease in administration, transparency, accountability against benchmarked global standards to ensure timely and assured service delivery to all citizens and stakeholders.

OUR CURRENT OBJECTIVES                                                                                             

1. To facilitate and finance creation of infrastructure for metro rail services through Bangalore Metro Rail Corportion Limited (BMRCL)

2. Planning, coordinating and supervising proper and orderly development within Bangalore Metropolitan Region under the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act, 1985 through Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA).

3. To plan, regulate, control and facilitate urban development for creating major infrastructure facilities, development of residential layouts, construction of houses for under privileged citizens, rejuvenation of lakes in Bangalore City through Bangalore Development Authority in its jurisdiction.

4. To create and maintain infrastructure for water supply and sewerage facilities in the Bangalore Metropolitan Area by implementing sustainable schemes to meet the growing demands of the city as of 2015.

5. To facilitate and assist Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and Mysore Mahanagara Palike under JnNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission) UIG and BSUP) (Urban Infrastructure and Governance and Basic Services for Urban Poor Sub Mission Components.

6. To facilitate and finance creation of infrastructure to provide adequate water supply from assured and safe sources of supply and proper sanitation to all the Urban Local Bodies outside Bangalore Metropolitan Area through Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB).

7. To facilitate and financially assist Municipal Corportaions of the Cities of Belgaum, Hubli-Dharwad, Managalore, Gulbarga, Bellary and Davanagere, all City Municipal Councils, Town Municipal Councils, Town Panchayats and Notified Area Committees under State Finance Commission (SFC) untied grants, Nagarothana programme (State sponsored scheme), Urban Infrastructure for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT), Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rozgar Yojana - Centrally sponsored Scheme (SJSRY), Rajiv Awas Yojana - Centrally sponsored Scheme (RAY), 13th Finance Commission Grants (Central Government) through Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA).

8. Improved and sustainable infrastructure services within investment program Urban Local Bodies through Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation.

9. To offer technical assistance for the preparation of master plans and development schemes/layouts by the Urban Development Authorities and Planning Authorities through Directorate of Town and Country Planning.

10. Preparation of City Mobility Plans (CMPs) for all urban areas in the state in a phased manner and technical guidance and capacity building for identification and implementation of innovative projects including promotional campaigns for sustained mobility to the urban local bodies and other sectoral institutions through Directorate of Urban Land and Transport.

11. Facilitating policy and legislative frame work for continuous reforms and issue of statutory notifications through Urban Development Department in the Karnataka Government Secretariat.

"Current Fire Hazard Response and Mitigation Plan for Bangalore City - Executive"